Current Projects

  • June 2016

    Wanhua Yantai, China, Control for two gas compressor STC-STO(48-1-G).

  • May 2016

    Uhde China, Control for a gas compressor STC-SH (8-4-VRZ).

  • Januay 2016

    ERCO USA, Control for two clorine gas compressor STC-SH (8-3-VRZ).

    Beni Suef, Control for 3 x 5 gas compressor STC-GO (14-3-VRZ).

  • September 2015

    Xinfa China, Control for a clorine gas compressor STC-SH (9-2-VRZ).


Company news


The HD-EA-SensorBox is produced according to the level of development in the HothoData GmbH and available for testing purposes.

The new HD-EA-SensorBox permits the evaluation of current black carbon in air by monitoring several gases and environmental conditions which represent typical relationship in urban regions. The box was developed within the EveryAware-project founded by the EU. The successor of this box made by Hothodata GmbH operates with the data interfaces introduced within the EveryAware project. By that the GPS related data can be processed for visualisation of black carbon on the EVERYAWARE webserver for everyone at every place.

The HD-EA-SensorBox collects the following environmental data:
CO, NO2, O3, VOC (volatile organic compounds), humidity, temperature and air pressure.

--> For more information about the project and the HD-EA-SensorBox


No­vember 2013: New System "Academical pu­blica­ti­on ­ma­na­ge­ment" on the market

PUMA is a storage and management system for book­marks and scientific li­te­rature. In co­ope­ra­tion with research groups KDE und DMIR from the Universities Kassel and Würz­burg we are working together on further development of the system and add new features.. more


Heiko Bauer second Managing Director

January 2012: Extension of HothoData GmbH management

Managing Director of HothoData GmbHThe authorized signatory Mr. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heiko Bauer has been taken up in corporation as shareholder to 01.01.2012 and now leads as a second managing director in addition to Dr. Klaus Hotho the company. Mr. Bauer had been for eight years as department head for compressor controls and was working for 3 years as authorized signatory of HothoData GmbH.






Februar 2011: HothoData GmbH celebrates its· 20th company anniversary

Februar 2011: HothoData GmbH celebrates its 20th company anniversary

20jahre_HDHothoData GmbH was founded in 1991. In doing so, we can look back on 20 years of experience in a success story. With a constant grow HothoData GmbH increased the volume of orders with the specific industrial control. Especially with our control for turbo machinery we work world wide today.
The company is placed at the Bösdorfer Ring 2 in Leipzig since 1997. For flexible processing of orders there are more than 35 employees in the company headquarters.

We would like to thank all our partners, customers and the parties concerned in projects for the great cooperation and collaboration.